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Explore the dome world with the strategy system

Explore the dome world with the strategy system

Explore the dome world with the strategy system

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    Explore the dome world with the strategy system
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    Tea painting sugar
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-01-28 21:02:37
This is a fragmented world people live in scattered domes called Ming domes in the outside world, there are dark domes, strange animals, unknown places, wandering bandits hiding in the dark waiting for opportunities danger is everywhere but at the same time, there are countless opportunities survival is the only pursuit in the world while others are risking their lives to look for supplies in the dark, Xu sui'an relies on a proud strategy system to get mixed up [Sao Nian, there is a little beast in front of you. You can kill it with a hammer, go!] Xu nianan's dog hides behind a tree, sticks out a small head, sees a strange beast with a length of nearly 10 meters in the distance through the moonlight, swallows saliva, "what's the trouble? Come on, hammer it for you, go!" [Oh, leave the 24-year-old broken fruit in his territory to others.] Xu Sui Anyi said sternly, "what are you talking about? If this kind of thing runs out, it will cause many hidden dangers. Look at me and knock it to death. Look at you!" [Oh, man!]

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