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Alliance anti killing King

Alliance anti killing King

Alliance anti killing King

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    Alliance anti killing King
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    Late night poet
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(there are female players inside, don't enter if you don't like it) he's just an unknown little player in his previous life. He was unexpectedly reborn back to S7 and won the strongest anti killing system after 15 minutes, He Ping manipulated Jess to abuse the spring in the enemy base commentary: "it's a classic 15 minute abuse of the spring." teammates: "brother Ping, forget it. Save face for the opposite side. Everyone mixes in the same division." audience: "what a ferocious skin God. He is worthy of being the king of single killing in the league." What's your comment: "Make complaints about killing? I'm obviously against killing. How can Jess grow so well? If he doesn't kill five people in the spring, he will not be trained to death." "" system, do you say I'm right? " system can't tuckle and show you x is big you say is right... (game version is mainly written by the author)

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