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When others practice, I become a house

When others practice, I become a house

When others practice, I become a house

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    When others practice, I become a house
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    Drunk Gongyu 6
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    Wind Book
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2021-12-01 07:06:55
In ancient times, hundreds of ethnic groups coexisted on the mainland. The body of the witch is strong, the dragon is the overlord in the sea, the Phoenix sings and dances in the sky, and the unicorn walks on the earth. At this time, the Terran is only the tail of the hundred families and attached to the witch family in ancient times, wars among various ethnic groups ended after thousands of years all ethnic groups suffered heavy casualties, and even all ethnic groups perished Yangzhou, one of the nine states in heaven and earth, was hit and scattered in view of this, under the leadership of the three ethnic groups of witch, dragon and man, all ethnic groups have signed peace treaties one after another the peoples are at peace, but the Terrans are in civil war thanks to the sacrifice of Mohist saints, the world is at peace as a native born and raised in Sri Lanka, Cai Ping has a strange memory. What will he bring to the world when he was born in this millennium era of peace and prosperity (in a few words, I changed the beginning. The novel has directly changed from the city to the immortal Xia. I don't know what to say. I just hope readers can leave more messages in the comment area and discuss with each other.)

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