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Ten thousand natural disasters!

Ten thousand natural disasters!

Ten thousand natural disasters!

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    Ten thousand natural disasters!
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    Soy bean
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    Pc Books
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2022-01-16 09:31:32
Once crossed, ten thousand boundaries invaded there are thousands of ancient cities in the ten thousand boundary region. It is said that there are countless hidden gods and the remains of ancient giants buried in the depths of the ten thousand boundary battlefield, but no one dares to get close to it... the 108 cities of the ancient human world have long been a lonely boat of the world, and have been bullied by the ancient people of the world yunkong and the 9999 oppressors of Wanmin mountain broke into the depths of the battlefield of Wanjie, pointed to thousands of ancient families, founded the immortal court of the human world, and led the powers of the human world to the divine road among the 9999 oppressors, they have hundreds of millions of ancient people's restraint skills [open the protoss suppression position: obtain the protoss talent skills] [open the demon suppression position: obtain the demon restraint skills] [open the ancient suppression position: obtain the universal suppression skills] [open the heaven and man position: obtain the supreme divine formula, which can assist the canonized people in the world to refine medicine, recover and practice. The divine medicine garden is blessed by the field and produce divine fruits in mass...!] ... all ancient families are powerful. Please follow me to this hell. You can't help it because... This is... My mission as a natural disaster... my eyebrows will shed tears for thousands of years. Holding the sword for nine turns, I am empty!

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