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Football should be played like me

Football should be played like me

Football should be played like me

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    Football should be played like me
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    A fat peach
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    Free Novel
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[this is a football book that you would like to read without football foundation!] morich: what was the name of the action you shook me down yesterday Lu Yang: Meibo surpasses others morich: was it invented by a man named Mabo Lu Yang: No, it was kicked by a man named Messi. He shook down the world first defender Boateng Moric: why don't you want to wear the No. 7 shirt as a symbol of glory Lu Yang: because there will be no seven after Real Madrid leave! Once I put on that shirt, I'm afraid I'll become a murderous nuclear weapon seven morich: Lu, the upside down golden hook you scored outside the restricted area yesterday is so handsome. How did you do it Lu Yang: it's very simple. Don't call me Lu, call me Ibrahimovic Moric: How did you save five penalties in a game Lu Yang: let's start with the time card when I won San Toldo... Lu Yang: Well, you asked me so much. Now it's my turn to ask you. Do you think that boy baizami looks like Ninja Turtle and demon boo bahizumi: brother Lu, are you calling me ugly Lu Yang: don't talk nonsense. This is our biggest reward for young strikers [chat with book friends: 725497461]

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