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Hidden witnesses witnessed by the whole people

Hidden witnesses witnessed by the whole people

Hidden witnesses witnessed by the whole people

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    Hidden witnesses witnessed by the whole people
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    Late May and early May
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    Canela books
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2022-01-14 19:24:04
According to the film, the whole people witnessed that Lin Tai went to prison in order to take the blame for his daughter. At the moment, everyone knows that Lin Mengmeng killed someone, so Zhou Li, the lawyer defending Li Mengmeng, asked to be a lawyer for Lin Tai, but Lin Tai has violated the law. If Zhou Li defends Lin Tai at the moment, it will undoubtedly add to her crime. So Lin Tai chose to give up, and prosecutor Tong Tao based on his dealings with Lin Tai for many years. I felt that Lin Tai was not such a person and could not be angered by his words. And when testifying for his daughter, because of Tong Tao's inducement, Lin Tai chose the right time to take the charge on himself. Lin Mengmeng was anxious to explain to the judge, but Lin Tai said that I would die on the dragon's back wall. Lin Mengmeng was afraid to go on. Later, Tong Tao went to Suxian to inquire about the story of the Dragon back wall. In fact, it was the story of the old Dragon King atoning for the little dragon king. At the moment, Tong Tao looked at Lin Tai's carefully arranged complete restoration of the parking lot at the crime scene, and his feelings were mixed. At the same time, Tong Tao's mobile phone rang. It was Li Mengmeng who called. Tong Tao asked to restart the case. But I don't know that there is a huge conspiracy behind this seemingly ordinary manslaughter.

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