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Chopping clouds

Chopping clouds

Chopping clouds

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    Chopping clouds
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    Dream of flying fish
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    Happy Read
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2022-01-16 22:51:31
A long time ago, there was a roar at the top of the sky, and a crack was opened in the sky. A gray dragon fell from the crack at the top of the nine days. With the loud noise, it turned into countless gray light spots scattered on the land. The creatures on the whole continent were instantly destroyed, and the rolling black clouds covered the whole heaven and earth. There were no sun, moon and stars in the world, but only endless darkness on that day, Millions of years later, everything revived, new creatures multiplied again, and new civilizations occurred again. The giant dragon brought destruction and a mysterious force. Later generations call it "Xuanqi". It is said that when you cultivate to the top of Xuanli, you can see the amazing image hundreds of millions of years ago... level; Xuandou fighter, xuandou master, xuandou sect, xuanzun, great xuanzun, Xuansheng, Xuandi Xuanli purity; White, green, black, red, gold, gray Dan trainer level; One to ten products (the world knows that I am Emperor Xuan, but I don't know that I am the waste wood forest dust. Today, I will break the sky and return the light in the world.)

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