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Demon boy: Enlightenment

Demon boy: Enlightenment

Demon boy: Enlightenment

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    Demon boy: Enlightenment
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    Chess can lead to heaven
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    Wine Novel
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2022-01-29 00:17:18
"You know? " I used to be unruly, indulgent and free "" but since I fell in love with a person, she is everywhere, from heaven to earth "" success is also her, defeat is also her " Ling Yue said affectionately to the girl "in case a beautiful girl likes you one day" "what will you do?" the girl asked with a slight frown "you can rest assured that no matter how excellent other women are, they are just a little firefly in the twilight, outstanding but not outstanding" "and you are like a bright moon in the sky, like a fairy who doesn't eat human fireworks." "you are the star that came to the earth and the angel in the world" "it's too late for me to be happy that you can come to me. How can something you imagine happen?" Ling Yue came forward and said affectionately holding her face, then said: "relax, look into my eyes, and then tell yourself" "even if these eyes are the pupils of the devil, they are full of tenderness" --------------------------------------------------------- the young man who was framed by a trick eventually fell into the abyss the boy who killed the devil eventually became a devil the demon boy who is reborn and returns will eventually become the Savior of the world -- as long as you can change all this, what's wrong with turning into a devil.

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