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People can never die

People can never die

People can never die

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    People can never die
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    Kuang Yining
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    Wine Novel
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2022-01-28 10:32:05
Mr. Hu explained: "cancer cells will survive forever. The cells that make up my body have been cancerous, so I can live forever." Mr. Hu pointed out: "if you don't get hurt, suffer from disease and be killed, people can live forever; injury can be avoided, disease can be cured, killing can escape, and people can still live forever." Mr. Hu lamented: "if Sun Simiao had not been preconceived and stubbornly believed that" people will die ", he would not have died." Mr. Hu stressed: "people can really live forever. For example, another friend of mine, Zhang Sanfeng, has survived after listening to me. Some people don't listen to me, and the result is a dead end, such as Tang Wei." Mr. Hu is not surnamed Hu, but Ying. He was born when he was born. His mother, Hu Ji, is nicknamed "Hu Hai". Haishi is the night of silence, also known as yanye. In the romance of the west chamber, there is a saying that "Yan Ye enters the house, not a traitor and a thief". Hu Hai is "Yan Ye enters the world". It is inevitable that he will be regarded as a great traitor. Since Mr. Hu does not die, he naturally has something to say about it.

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