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Alien advance team

Alien advance team

Alien advance team

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    Alien advance team
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    Yage 01
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    Cook Books
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2022-08-05 15:09:33
In 2120, a gate connecting the earth and the different world replaced the Ayers Rock in central Australia. The earth representing science and the different world representing magic immediately came into contact, and two wars broke out. The two wars caused huge losses to both sides. Finally, the two sides chose peaceful negotiation, and the earth and the different world immediately entered a state of peaceful exchange for 30 years although both sides choose to live in peace, they are coveting each other's interests. With the third two world war coming. In order to gain the initiative in the war, the staff headquarters of foreign operations decided to secretly send advance troops to foreign countries for pre war investigation as a hybrid of earthman and alien spirit, after more than 20 years of secret learning and training in Haiya college, which specializes in training earthman and alien hybrid, lol is about to lead his team to embark on a soul stirring adventure towards the unknown strange world sword and magic? No, this is the world of guns and magic!

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