Getting citizenship is a long process that can be confusing. Georgia immigration lawyers can help you navigate the system and clarify any roadblocks that may arise.

The Kennedy Immigration Firm LLC offers legal services in Atlanta and surrounding areas. The firm specializes in international adoption, family immigration, and other issues related to civil immigration. It also advises businesses on compliance with immigration laws.


Immigration and visa law is a complex area of legal practice that requires extensive knowledge. A qualified immigration attorney in Georgia will be familiar with the local USCIS offices and immigration court procedures. They will also know what strategies will work best within your unique circumstances.

The firm focuses on family and employment-based immigration matters, handling all aspects of the process from filing forms to appearing with applicants at interviews. Its attorneys provide consultation services to help clients identify their legal goals and create comprehensive plans. They will also guide them through the various stages of their visa application and defense in deportation proceedings.

Founded in 2009, the firm assists immigrants and businesses with immigration-related issues. Its lawyers help individuals file applications for family-based green cards, business non-immigrant visas, citizenship waivers, and deportation cases. They also help immigrants obtain asylum and assist those being held in detention. The firm’s founder, Uzo Akpele, is an immigrant from Nigeria and has personal insight into the immigration process.


Ensure you choose a Gwinnett County immigration attorney with a strong reputation. The best attorneys have testimonials from past clients that prove their ability to meet immigration-related needs. In addition, they will be familiar with the USCIS processes and procedural nuances.

For example, a skilled lawyer will know how to prepare all necessary documents, collect compelling testimonies, and prepare briefs and submissions on your behalf. They will also keep up with changes to immigration laws and future legislation that could impact your case.

The attorneys at Ross & Pines serve individuals and families in the Atlanta area. They handle cases involving family-based immigration, employment-based visas, deportation and removal proceedings, asylum, special immigrant juvenile status, and travel authorizations. In addition, the firm assists foreign-owned companies that want to operate in the United States. Its partners have handled thousands of cases, conducted over 150 jury trials, and authored over 100 appellate briefs. They speak English and Spanish and offer flexible fee schedules.


If you need a Gwinnett County immigration lawyer, it’s important to choose one who charges reasonable fees. They should also have a good track record of success with immigration cases. In addition, they should abidethe American Immigration Lawyers Association’s standards of professional conduct. They should also be up-to-date on any future changes in immigration laws that could affect your case.

Having a Gwinnett County immigration attorneyyour side can help you navigate complicated legal issues and prevent you from making costly mistakes when filling out immigration forms. They can also help you prepare your documents, collect evidence and testimony, and interpret complex immigration laws to boost your chances of a successful application.

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Some attorneys may charge a flat fee for their services, while others might work on a contingency basis. A good immigration attorney should be willing to discuss your situation with you and provide a clear estimate of the costs. They should also be available to respond to your questions in a timely manner.


Immigration law is a complex area that is constantly changing. It is a high-volume field, and USCIS is often overwhelmed with applications. This can lead to delays in processing, so it is important that your lawyer is available to answer questions and help you avoid any mistakes in the process.

An experienced attorney can help you navigate this complicated area of law. They will apply intensive research and analysis to your case, and find unique solutions to accomplish your goals. They can also prepare witnesses and prepare documents for the court.

In addition to assisting with legal matters related to green cards, family-based immigration, federal and state courts, deportation defense, U visas for victims of domestic violence, asylum cases, and immigration-related public benefits, Gorinshteyn Global can also assist with business immigration, labor certifications, and naturalization. The firm is based in Atlanta, and its attorneys speak both English and Spanish. Its senior attorney, Lana Joseph, has extensive experience in immigration-related cases.