A suspended or revoked driver’s license can make it difficult to get to work, school and home. It could also lead to a felony conviction and jail/prison time.

A Missouri License Reinstatement Lawyer can help you fight for reinstatement of your driving privileges. The process involves filing a petition in court and convincing the judge that you have changed your ways.

Why Was Your Driving Privilege Taken Away?

Whether your driving privilege was suspended or revoked, it is important to understand exactly why in order to get it reinstated as soon as possible. You may have a limited window of time in which to take specific action, such as taking the driver’s test, enrolling in classes or having an ignition interlock device installed, and an attorney could help you meet these requirements in a timely manner.

For those with five or ten-year license denials, the process is much more complicated as you must file a civil lawsuit in the county where your last conviction occurred and convince the court that you are worthy of having your driving privilege reinstated after serving a denial period. Our attorneys have experience preparing these petitions and appearing at the hearing on your behalf to present evidence of good behavior, successful completion of chemical dependency treatment and attestations of needing to drive for work or family obligations.

We can also assist with obtaining limited driving privileges for many situations, which allow you to drive only to and from certain necessary locations such as work, doctors appointments, church and gas stations.

What Will Happen at the Court Hearing?

Depending on your reason for losing your license, you may be eligible to request a limited driving privilege. This can allow you to drive to and from work, medical appointments, school, and substance abuse programs. Our firm has helped many people get their driving privileges reinstated in Missourirequesting LDPs.

If you lost your driver’s license because of a five- or ten-year driving denial, you will need to petition the Court in the county where you received your last DWI conviction and convince the Judge that you do not pose a risk on the road. This is a complex process that requires the help of an experienced attorney.

Getting your driving privileges back is important because it can make it easier to provide for yourself and your family. It can also open up employment opportunities and restore your quality of life. However, navigating through the state bureaucracy and completing all of the necessary forms can be overwhelming.

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What Are the Requirements for Reinstating Your License?

In the state of Missouri, your license can be suspended or revoked for numerous reasons. Driving while under the influence is the most common reason that a person’s license will be suspended or revoked. Obtaining a license after serving the suspension or revocation period requires filing a petition with the circuit court that gave you your last alcohol-related conviction or driving while intoxicated denial. You will also have to show that you are a safe driver and that your habits have changed, such as installing and maintaining an ignition interlock device for six months.

The requirements vary from case to case, depending on the nature of your conviction and the presence of prior convictions. If you have multiple drunk driving convictions, your chances of having a Missouri license reinstated are greatly reduced. We understand how important your ability to drive is to your family, friends, and career, and we have the experience necessary to help you get your driver’s license back.

How Can We Help You?

Our firm can help you with a variety of license issues, including helping you obtain a limited driving privilege when your license is suspended or revoked. We will review your Missouri driver’s record to determine exactly why your license was suspended or revoked and then help you address any issues that need to be addressed in order to get your driving privilege reinstated.

For example, if your license was suspended due to unpaid St. Louis traffic or speeding tickets, we can help you obtain compliance letters from the court to prove that you have paid these fines. We can also help you fight a refusal to blow suspension or an administrative revocation.

It can be frustrating when a court date for your license hearing comes and goes without you having your license reinstated. Our law firm has handled numerous petitions for license reinstatement and knows how to prepare you and your case so that the court will issue a license reinstatement order.