With crowded student housing and nightlife areas, theft charges like shoplifting, entering vehicles, or even bike theft are common in Athens. These A can result in misdemeanors or serious felonies depending on the value of the stolen items.

A felony conviction could ruin your academic career and jeopardize scholarships, internships and job opportunities. A reputable criminal defense attorney can help you avoid such a fate.


A criminal record can have a major impact on your life. A conviction can make it difficult to find employment and secure housing. With a trusted attorneyyour side, you can minimize the damage to your future.

The city of Athens is a vibrant and livable town, but crime still occurs. Many of the most common offenses involve theft and alcohol. It’s important to use common sense and take precautions to avoid crowded areas at night and not leave valuables in your car. While small shoplifting incidents are usually prosecuted as misdemeanors, extensive vandalism can lead to felony charges.

Mo Wiltshire is a former District Attorney and Athens-Clarke County Solicitor General, giving him a level of experience, knowledge and ability that few other defense lawyers possess. He often travels to court throughout North Georgia and Athens, and he can provide the expertise you need to fight your case.


A single criminal charge can have a significant impact on your future, whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony. A conviction may prevent you from obtaining a job, renting an apartment or even going to school. That’s why it’s important to work with a criminal defense attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

A highly skilled criminal lawyer Athens GA can help you fight a wide range of serious crimes, including homicide, traffic offenses and drug charges. A good lawyer will also know how to deal with complex constitutional issues.

Wiltshire Defense partner Mo Wiltshire is a former assistant district attorney and the Athens-Clarke County Solicitor General. He knows what it takes to win cases and has a unique understanding of how police and prosecutors operate. He will identify the mistakes officers make when arresting suspects, obtaining and testing evidence, and putting together their cases. He will use this knowledge to build the strongest possible defense for you.


If you have been charged with a crime, you need a criminal defense attorney who will fight for your rights in court. A conviction can affect your job, reputation and family. The attorneys at Wiltshire Defense have a proven track record of winning cases and protecting clients’ freedom.

Criminal charges can range from misdemeanors to serious felony crimes. Felonies, such as drug possession, assault, theft, murder and child molestation, carry significant prison sentences. A reputable criminal defense lawyer will assess your case and provide the best advice.

The partners at Wiltshire Defense have served as Assistant District Attorneys and prosecuting attorneys in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia. This experience gives them insight into how law enforcement works, what type of evidence prosecutors look for and the methods available to win your case. Their approach to each case is unique and their results are impressive. They are a good choice for anyone who has been charged with a crime in Athens GA.


There are no one-size-fits-all prices when it comes to hiring criminal defense lawyers. Some attorneys charge hourly rates billed periodically as work is performed, while others offer flat fees that are paid upfront in exchange for full case representation. Some attorneys also accept payment plans.

Even if you are not guilty, it is important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately when you find out that you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to have the charges removed from your record and restore your life to normal.

Having a criminal conviction on your record makes it extremely hard to get a job or secure housing. A trusted criminal lawyer will fight to get your records cleared and keep you out of jail, so that you can rebuild your life. He or she will handle all of the legal paperwork, court dates, and follow-up with the prosecutor to make sure that your rights are protected.